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The third edition of Mozart Junior Festival awaits us. We invite the youngest viewers to the enchanted world of opera, the world of magic, a world that stirs emotions from an early age.

The reason behind the organization of the Mozart Junior Festival in 2020 was the desire to create a full-scale, very careful and professional music offer, addressed to a young audience as a fully-fledged viewers. Bearing in mind the 31-year history of the Mozart Festival, we want the Mozart Junior Festival to become a new tradition that will continue to complement the current programme line of the Festival. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the first edition of the Festival was held only online – however, it attracted great interest of the youngest viewers, which was especially noticeable during the discussion panels that took place after each event. The 1st Mozart Junior Festival was watched by almost 6.5 thousand viewers.

The second edition of the Mozart Junior Festival has adopted a hybrid character. The events were prepared for both traditional viewing at the theatre’s seat, and live streaming, which was also a novelty at the Warsaw Chamber Opera. It made it possible to reach a young viewer who would have never been able to, due to many reasons, watch our events at the Opera’s seat.

We will start the 3rd Mozart Junior Festival with the spectacle, that is adored by young viewers – Oriental Adventure, prepared on the basis of one of the most famous stage works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – The Abduction from the Seraglio. The story takes place at the Turkish court of the mighty Bassa Selim, where a Spanish nobleman, Belmonte, comes to find his fiancée, Konstanze, who has been kidnapped by pirates. Mozart’s stage design, costumes and music are filled with a colourful and rich Orient that has always fascinated other nations.

The performance was directed by Jitka Stokalska, and the fabrics, decorations and props were purchased at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul from merchants supplying Hollywood filmmakers.

Another highlight of the Festival will be Bastien and Bastienne directed by Tomasz Cyz. The performance had its premiere during the 2nd Mozart Junior Festival. It is a one-act form called Singspiel written by a 12-year-old Mozart! As in all Mozart’s works, magic appears in here, magic that leads to the happy ending of the great love of the main characters.

In 2020, Poland participated for the first time in the International Talent Show Virtuosos 4+. Four Polish finalists competed not only for the main prize, but also for the recognition of the audience in Budapest, which has been organizing this excellent talent show for several years. One of the prizes for our finalists is a concert during the 3rd Mozart Junior Festival.


To attract the interest of today’s youth with classical music is a big challenge nowadays, especially taking into account all the things that may be found in the Internet, particularly on YouTube. However, the Virtuoso V4 +  show may change that, presenting the wonderful world of classical music in an unconventional way – summed up the previous show’s edition WCO director and jury member of Virtuosos 4+ Alicja Węgorzewska

The concert will feature four outstandingly talented young virtuosos, finalists of the previous edition of Virtuosos: 16-year-old violinist Milena Pioruńska, Zoya Syguda playing the violin, accordionist Miłosz Bachonko and clarinetist Leon Klimiuk.


During the Mozart Junior Festival, there will also be held workshops for the youngest. Especially for them, we have prepared classes entitled To be a composer. Its participants will learn, i.a., about how to become a composer and many other topics related to the music industry. During the classes, Jan Stokłosa – composer and arranger balancing between the worlds of popular and classical music will talk about the practical aspects of his profession.

The programme of the Mozart Junior Festival closes with The Magic Flute piccolo based on The Magic Flute. A shortened version prepared especially for children, staged in Polish, was set in the fairy-tale scenery of Rafał Olbiński. The magic is complemented by the fairy-tale-like costumes designed by Marcin Łobacz. Young viewers will see with their own eyes how great is the power of the magic flute and how good always triumphs over evil.


The plan of the 3rd Mozart Junior Festival is about to be as follows:

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