Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Die Entführung aus dem Serail

Based on the drama Belmont and Constanze by Christoph Friedrich Bretzner

Composer | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto | Johann Gottlieb Stephanie der Jüngere
Premiere | 20th April 2018 
Directing and Staging | Jurij Aleksandrow
Conductor | Marcin Sompoliński
Scenography, costumes and light | Paweł Dobrzycki
Scenography cooperation | Katarzyna Gabrat-Szymańska
Choreography | Natalia Madejczyk
Conductor Assistant | Agata Zając
Director Assistant |Tatiana Korpaczowa
Stage Manager | Maria Grąbkowska


Konstanze | Joanna Moskowicz / Sylwia Krzysiek / Aleksandra Bubicz-Mojsa
Belmonte | Aleksander Kunach / Jacek Szponarski
Pedrillo | Bartosz Nowak / Tomasz Tracz / July Zuma
Blonde | Paulina Horajska / Aleksandra Żakiewicz
Osmin | Sebastian Marszałowicz / Robert Ulatowski / Dariusz Górski
Selim | Piotr Pieron


Mime | Andrzej Kwiatkowski
Dancer | Klaudia Walasz
Extras – children | Irena Sztencel, Mikołaj Kos-Nowicki



Pianist-tutors | Violetta Łabanow, Ramiro Sanjines, Aleksander Teliga Jr

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True love must be fought for

In the complex maze of this spectacle, the dear spectator will not only see a funny story about the adventures of young lovers in the fabulously unpredictable Turkey of the eighteenth century, but will also have a chance to see a lyrical tale of intricate relations between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his wife Constanze. This work is about love, that it must be fought for. Love must be gained and then maintained. Belmonte goes to a foreign country out of love and suffers enormously because of love, and then he over comes everything through love. In our show, there are two parallel threads: the comic storyline and the dramatic line of Mozart’s life. It is no coincidence, that the main character’s name is Konstanze, just like the composer’s wife. I was captivated by the Polish theatre. I do not care and do not plan my work, it’s just God who guides me. Owing to this approach, I encountered the Warsaw Chamber Opera on my path and returned to my original idea. Laughter in the opera is a very complicated matter, and I would like these two opposite poles – comical and dramatic – to be presented in a most interesting way to the spectator. I’m a very curious man by nature and I resemble a kind of monkey in that manner. For this reason, I directed Boris Godunov by Modest Mussorgsky and Eugene Onegin by Pyotr Tchaikovsky in Wrocław. I’m a really lucky man. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Director Alicja Węgorzewska-Whiskerd for giving me and incredible opportunity to cooperate with such wonderful group of artists. Owing to that fact, I derive great joy and satisfaction from this work.

Jurij Aleksandrow, director

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The Palace of Bassa Selim on the seashore. A young Belmonte in searching for his beloved Konstanze, barely reached here. A girl and her maid Blonde suffer in captivity. How to find Konstanze and save her – these are the questions that give the young man’s mind no peace. However, the captives are well guarded by the Bassa’s loyal servants. One of them is an old supervisor Osmin. All Belmonte’s attempts to find out if his servant Pedrillo is in the palace do not bring any results. The accidental meeting with Pedrillo, who left the palace, explains everything. Belmonte learns that the ship with Konstanze, her maid and Pedrillo on board was captured by pirates. Pedrillo, as an alleged gardener, managed to gain Bassa’s trust. He may introduce Belmonte to Selim as an experienced engineer – this way it will be much easier to prepare a rescue plan of the captives! A Christmas boat arrives at the shore, off which Bassa and Konstanze come down along with his entourage. The girl is clearly unhappy, convinced that fate has separated her from Belmonte for good, a man she cannot forget. Selim faults Konstanze, that he waits a really long time for her to agree to be his beloved. Meanwhile, Pedrillo implements his plan: he presents Belmont as a talented engineer who wants to serve Bassa. A quiet young man immediately gains Selim’s trust. Belmonte wants to save his beloved one immediately. But the servant advises him not to hurry, since a rush can ruin the whole plan. Pedrillo can restrain his feelings, but it is also difficult for him to watch his beloved Blonde next to such sly old fox as Osmin. Osmin tries to capture Belmonte and Pedrillo.


Garden at the Selim’s Palace. Nearby, there is Osmin’s apartment. Since the old man, was enthralled by Konstanze’s maid, Bassa decided to give him Blonde as a gift. However, the girl mocks Osmin’s courtship, assuring him, that she will never agree to become one of his slaves. Osmin warns Blonde of meeting with Pedrillo. However, the girl feels no fear. She is truly surprised how women in this country can accept such humiliation. She defends her right to freedom. Confused Osmin prefers to hide. Then, Konstanze appears; she misses her beloved Belmonte. Selim enters surrounded by his entourage. He reminds Konstanze, that he is not going to wait any longer and he will call her his wife tomorrow. Konstanze despairs. Pedrillo, who at the time met with Blonde, managed to tell her that Belmonte is hiding here and everything is set for a flight. The servant is in a hurry to share joyful news with her lady. Pedrillo is certain of his success. All that has to be done is to wait until midnight and trick the guards. It all should start, of course, with Osmin. Everything is going according to the plan. Osmin drinks heavily, not suspecting that he is drinking not only wine, but also soporific added by Pedrillo. The old man gets drunk and falls asleep. Belmonte appears in the garden, and soon after him – Konstanze. Pedrillo, meanwhile, disappears with Blonde.


Everything is ready for a flight. There is a ship at the shore, which is about to take refugees aboard. At midnight, Pedrillo and Belmonte appear on the square in front of the Selim’s Palace, with a ladder they took. In order to give lovers a sign, Pedrillo sings Serenade. He did that every evening, so the guards do not suspect anything. Fate favors the refugees. Konstanze and Belmonte are hiding. However, the other couple is not so lucky – enraged Osmin crosses their path, loudly calling for help. Soon, the guards also brings Belmonte and Konstanze. The four of them decide to face their certain death with dignity. Then, infuriated Bassa appears. The situation of the refugees is additionally aggravated by the fact that Selim recognizes in Belmonte the son of his worst enemy. The lovers say good-bye to each other, convinced that Bassa will never forgive them. However, to everyone’s surprise, Selim makes an unexpected decision: he will not take revenge on the son of his enemy. He shows mercy and releases the lovers to go free. This is how this story ends unexpectedly happily. Artists with enthusiasm praise a happy author surrounded by his family.