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Young Virtuosos – Polish finalists of V4+ VIRTUOSOS International Talent Show

4 June 2022 @ 17:00 - 18:00
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3rd Mozart Junior Festival in Warsaw

Basen Artystyczny Stage

Young Virtuosos – Polish finalists of V4+ VIRTUOSOS International Talent Show


Milena Pioruńska – violin
Zoja Syguda – violin
Miłosz Bachonko – accordion (Polish winner)
Leon Klimiuk – clarinet

In 2020, Poland participated for the first time in the International Talent Show Virtuosos 4+. Four Polish finalists competed not only for the main prize, but also for the recognition of the audience in Budapest, which has been organizing this excellent talent show for several years. One of the prizes for our finalists was a performance at a concert during the 3rd Mozart Junior Festival.

To attract the interest of today’s youth with classical music is a big challenge nowadays, especially taking into account all the things that may be found in the Internet, particularly on YouTube. However, the Virtuoso V4 +  show may change that, presenting the wonderful world of classical music in an unconventional way – summed up the previous show’s edition WCO director and jury member of Virtuosos 4+ Alicja Węgorzewska

Milena Pioruńska – Milena Pioruńska – a 16-year-old violinist, student of the Mieczysław Karłowicz Poznań General Secondary Music School, where she studies under prof. Bartosz Bryła and prof. Karina Gidaszewska. She’s also a participant of master classes at Zakhar Bron Academy in Switzerland. Milena has performed as a soloist at over 100 concerts, also with orchestras in front of audiences in Poland, Moscow, Paris, Zurich, Brussels and Berlin. She is a laureate of competitions in Poland and abroad and a winner of the Scholarship Programme of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage “Young Poland”, “zDolny Śląsk” Programme, “Talent Academy” of the Enea Foundation, and Business and Professional Women’s Club in Poznań. She’s led by the Rotary Club in Wrocław and (since 2014) the National Children’s Fund.

Zoja Syguda – Zoja Syguda is a winner of numerous awards received at significant violin competitions for children all over Poland. It is safe to say that her one success leads to another and … she has the continuous joy of playing and the hunger for new challenges. The most important awards that Zoya Syguda won in 2019 and 2020 include:

♪ I place and a Special Prize for the best Polish participant during the 4th International “Nałęczów and the Violin” Violin Competition on 16-17 August 2019,
♪ II place in the Violin Meetings “Witold Rowicki in memoriam” – Żywiec, 23-25 ​​October 2019,
♪ Grand Prix at the 5th International Competition for Young Violinists in Cracow, 6-9 November 2019,
♪ II place in the 13th A. Januszajtis National Violin Competition in Gdańsk, 13-16 November 2019,
♪ I place in the 7th Grudziądz Violin Competition, Grudziądz – 13-14 December 2019,
♪ I place and the School Principal’s Award for the best performed work during the 21st Sopot Violin Competition, Sopot, 13 February 2020,
♪ Grand Prix and the School Principal’s Special Award during “Bajeczne Skrzypce” Violin Competition, Gdynia, 28-29 February 2020.

Miłosz Bachonko – A student of the W. Lutosławski Primary and Secondary Music School in Lublin, in the accordion class of prof. Elwira Śliwkiewicz-Cisak, PhD. He began his musical education in playing an instrument at the age of 5. Despite his young age, Miłosz Bachonko has played over 60 solo concerts in his career with the participation of audiences in Poland and abroad. He is a multiple winner of First Prizes at accordion festivals and competitions in Poland and abroad, including: I place – International Competition XV Art-Duo Music Festival in Prague (2018); I place – 3rd International Accordion Competition in Suwałki (2018); I place – International Accordion Competition in Sanok (2018); I place – Mirosław Niziurski National Accordion Festival in Kielce (2017); II place – 6th National Accordion Competition in Wieliczka (2018); III place – National Accordion Competition in Tarnobrzeg (2018); Grand Prix – XXIX Lublin Accordion Competition in Lublin (2019); I place – XXVI Lublin Accordion Competition in Lublin (2016); I place – XXVI Lublin Accordion Competition in Lublin (2017); I place – 29th Lublin Accordion Review in Lublin (2019); Golden Band – GOLD – Czech Online Accordion Competition (2021); I place – International Competition of Accordion Players “Concord of Sounds” – Latvia (2021); II place – International Accordion Competition “Vilnius 2021” – Lithuania (2021); Grand Prix – Lublin Accordion Competition 2021 in Lublin (2021). Miłosz Bachonko is also the winner of Grand Prix in the world competition International Music Talent Competition Spring 2020 organized by the American Protégé Music Competitions in New York. The main prize of this competition is a performance in the prestigious concert hall at Carnegie Hall in New York, which will take place in December this year. These achievements allowed Miłosz to place himself among the best accordionists in his category in Poland and abroad. Accordion instrumentalism is not his solely musical interest. His another musical passion is composition. Since the age of 5, he has composed many instrumental pieces for accordion. The latest composition by Miłosz Bachonko entitled “AccoTocca” had its premiere during the Young Composers Competition as part of the XXIII Witold Lutosławski Forum of Contemporary Art at the Lublin Philharmonic. Milosz Bachonko’s “AccoTocca” won the Second Prize, and it is worth mentioning that the young composer was twice as young as all the other contestants. In the same competition, Miłosz also received the Special Prize of the 23rd Forum of Contemporary Art, which included an opportunity to perform with the Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert with the orchestra took place on 15 November 2019 at the Lublin Philharmonic, where the composition was performed in the version for accordion and orchestra. Privately, Miłosz is a football lover and knows almost everything about this sport.

Leon Klimiuk, born in 2007 in Warsaw. A student of the third grade of the second degree of the G. Bacewicz Primary and Secondary State General Music school Complex in Warsaw. Clarinet is his great passion and livelihood idea. Since the age of five, he has been studying the clarinet with professor Jerzy Czyran. Laureate of over thirty international, regional and national competitions.

Among others:
♪ I place in the 12th WORLD OPEN Online Music Competition in Belgrade (2021)
♪ I place in King’s Peak International Classical Music Competition in the USA (2021)
♪ I place in “IMKA” Internet Music & Dance Competition (2021)
♪ II place in the International Music Competition OPUS 2021 in Cracow
♪ GRAND PRIX and I place at the 14th Clarinet Festival in Piotrków Trybunalski (2021)
♪ IV place in the 2nd World Clarinet E-Competition NAPOLINOVA 2021 in Naples, Italy
♪ I place in Classic Music Competition PERUSIA HARMONICA 2021 in Perugia, Italy (2021), three-stage competition
♪ Music e-Contest Competition 2021 in Estonia, two-stage competition qualified for the second stage with distinction (currently in the middle of the competition)
♪ V4 + Virtuosos International Talent Show2021 in Budapest, Hungary, semi-finalist and winner of the special Virtuosos V4 + Award
♪ III place in the international competition France Music Competition no.3 (2021)
♪ Gold Award at the World Classical Music Awards in Great Britain (2021)
♪ I place in King’s Peak International Music Competition in San Francisco (2021/2022)
♪ Platinum Award in the 2nd Canadian International Music Competition in Montreal (2021/2022)
♪ Gold Award in London Young Musicians season 3 in Great Britain (2021/2022)
♪ II place in the International Music Competition – Małopolska in Poland (2021/2022)
♪ Silver Medal in the 1st Witold Friemann International Clarinet Competition 2022
♪ GRAND PRIX at the II International Gloria Artis Music Competition in Vienna 2022
♪ Gold Award in London Young Musicians season 4 2022

Leon’s career include numerous performances, both as a soloist and as a member of the Clarinet Trio, during chamber concerts at the Warsaw’s “Nowy Świat Muzyki” (2017-2019) and Chopin’s Salon (2017-2019), at the Royal Castle in Warsaw (2019-2020), in the Capital Cultural Education Centre (2018), Cultural Promotion Centre in “Afternoon Tea with Chamber Music” (2019), National Festival of Folk Dance and Song (2016), Wolski Cultural Centre (2018-2019), International Forum of Young Musicians in Warsaw (2017-2018) ), as well as during the Conference at the University of Silesia in Katowice (2018). He also gave concerts with the first degree orchestra. In September 2020, he appeared at a concert of fellows of the National Children’s Fund at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Currently, he performs as a soloist, in a chamber ensemble and in the second degree orchestra. He is constantly preparing for the next competitions and concerts. Since 2019, Leon has been a fellow of the programme for exceptionally gifted children – the National Children’s Fund. In 2021, he was awarded a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

Basen Artystyczny Stage
Address: M. Konopnicka 6

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