Pyotr Tchaikovsky


Ballet spectacle

Libretto | E. T. A. Hoffmann
Premiere | 27 December 2020 


Director and choreography | Jacek Tyski
Set design |Katarzyna Gabrat-Szymańska
Costumes | Marcin Łobacz
Lighting director | Paweł Murlik
Multimedia | Piotr Bednarczyk


Clara | Remy Lamping
General / Prince | Beniamin Citkowski
Drosselmeyer | Marcin Krajewski 
Flower Queen / Doll | Jennifer Rivera Lara
Jaś / Little Prince | Cezary Wąsik
Mouse Queen | Christina Janusz

Dancing group:
Aleksandra Pawluczuk,  Mateusz Sobczak, Krzysztof Łuczak, Jacek Foltyn, Natalia Jóźwiak, Klaudia Janicka, Julia Witczak, Eliza Popielecka, Viviana Zajączkowska, Izabela Zabłocka, Hanna Szychowicz

A story of Christmas, dreams, childhood – Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker is a challenge for each producer. We all know well the books with the story of E. T. A. Hoffmann, film productions – including the one of Andrei Konczalowski, and Tchaikovsky’s music, which brings the spirit of anticipation for the Christmas. All the elements of this popular story seem familiar, and yet the spectacles based on that story are surprising each time – thanks to the creators.

Jacek Tyski is the director and the author of choreography of the performance staged at the Warszawska Opera Kameralna. The set design – which is always crucial in case of The Nutcracker, building a fairy-tale world – was created by Katarzyna Gabrat-Szymańska, and the costumes – by an award-winning young designer, who works in London, Marcin Łobacz. The main role – Clara, who guides the audience through the Christmas story – is played by the talented young dancer Remy Lamping.

This show will definitely trigger the children’s imagination in the spectators and will move them, while telling the story of – as E. T. A. Hoffmann wrote – “a realm where all kinds of sparkling Christmas Wood, and transparent Marzipan Castles – in short, the most wonderful and beautiful things of every kind-are to be seen-by those who have the eyes to see the”.

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